Bronx-based singer/songwriter Gabrielle Sterbenz can trace her passion for music back to her teen years, during which she exhibited a rare talent as a soloist in her high school’s gospel choir. Fine-tuning her craft for the majority of her lifetime, she has since gone on to perform in eleven countries on five continents, has opened for rock band Wheatus on three international tours (while also serving as one of the band’s backing vocalists), and has performed with them at venues like Wembley Arena. In recent years, Sterbenz has appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers as a backing vocalist for Lorde, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a backing vocalist for Robbie Dupree (Steal Away), and on The Tonight Show. She’s also featured on Nerdcore Hiphop artist MC Frontalot’s records Solved and Question Bedtime. Her self-titled debut album, produced by Wheatus-frontman Brendan B Brown, was released in 2015.


In 2017 Sterbenz won the Silver Sound Showdown battle of the bands at Brooklyn Bowl and won a budget for a music video. Collaborating with Fletcher Wolfe, a female cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY, the two artists created a stunning and cinematically haunting video for the track “The Laundress,” off of Sterbenz’ debut album. The video, premiered in Out Magazine in the summer of 2018, explores a relationship in transition through the real-life transition of Brooklyn-based trans rapper Uncle Meg, and his fiancé Clara, allowing the audience to connect to the song’s universal themes of change, partnership, and identity.


Sterbenz regularly performs with her all-female band and is currently working on her second full-length album.




“The smart, simple production from Wheatus’ Brendan B. Brown lets Sterbenz’s music and powerful voice, shine, offering just enough support to show she’s a star in the making.”    -Newsday


“Simply Exquisite”    -Daily Freeman