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In between legs of a US tour singing backup for Wheatus (Teenage Dirtbag) on Everclear's Summerland Tour with Living Colour and Hoobastank, Bronx-based singer/songwriter, Gabrielle Sterbenz, was busy recording an album of her own. Working with multi-platinum producer, Philip Jimenez (co-producer Teenage Dirtbag), in his Long Island studio, Gabrielle found herself back in her hometown, where she used to sing in her high school’s gospel choir. 


Cutting her teeth as a backing vocalist, Gabrielle hit the road with the likes of Wheatus and Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing), did Late Night TV appearances with Robbie Dupree (Steal Away) and Lorde (Late Night with Seth Meyers), and is featured on Nerdcore Hiphop artist MC Frontalot’s records “Solved” and “Question Bedtime.” A former winner of the Silver Sound Showdown Music Festival (other winners include Lucius and Frances Cone), Gabrielle has also opened for Wheatus on 3 international tours.


Now stepping into her own as songwriter and frontwoman, all of Gabrielle’s early influences of Gospel, American Songbook, and Country are evident in her music. Gabrielle was recently played on WFUV, the legendary NYC radio station known for off-the-beaten-path songwriting greats, the likes of which Gabrielle hopes to join.


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